Wretch (NPC)

Legion DoomKnight Hero
May the darkness embrace you, Hero. Your defeat shall ensure my eternal glory!

In a time long past, there were three brothers who wanted to be heroes. They trained and studied together for this one goal, and when whey were old enough they departed together to achieve their dream. For a time they fought together and nothing coulsd stop them. But while heroes come in all shapes and sizes they are never cut from the same cloth.

Soon the brothers began to drift apart, each wanting to follow their own individual path as a hero. One chose to pursue the endless quest for knowledge. Another chose to remain a champion of the people and their eternal protector. The last, however, chose a darker path. He wanted nothing but eternal fame and glory. He wanted his name to be etched into history for eternity so that none would forget.

Zale fought only for himself and did anything and everything possible to gain fame and glory. No act was beneath him, and no power was beyond him. In the end his actions could no longer be ignored. Zale's brothers decided to intervene and put an end to his madness. When the three met their battle was a ferocious clash of magic and steel. In the end Zale was beaten.

But his brothers could not kill their own kin, instead they cursed him. They cursed him to be forever forgotten by others. His name and his deeds were destroyed, he became no one. Enraged, bitter and miserable Zale became Wrech. His only goal now is vengeance. I am that third brother, and vengeance shall be mine! Here, now, I seek fame and fortune, so that shall NEVER be forgotten!

Location: Hero Lobby
Note: Also see Wretch (Monster).


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