Dropship Pilot Golem
You are not ready for liftoff, Hero. And neither is my ship. Get back to where you should be, and come back when you're ready.

- The Span

After completing the quests at DF Lesson:

Dropship Pilot Golem
Welcome to the GEARS Shuttle, Hero. I'm Worsh, and I'll be your transport to the stars! The man I'm modeled after is handsome, suave, and has seen a lot of Heroes come and go. I'll tell you what he knows: every hero has to start somewhere, and the earlier your training begins, the stronger you'll be in the final battle.

- Worsh's Quests

After completing Worsh's Quests:

Dropship Pilot Golem
Now that you're done training, speak with Selina. It's likely you'll find her in Dean Warlic's Office. She loves her books, that one, and he's got the most. Never did find a piece of trivia that she didn't know!

Location: MQ Lesson
Note: Was originally introduced as the NPC Worsh from MechQuest.


Thanks to rickyb20 and Shal.

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