Worldbreaker Rising


«Scene: Map of Lore, Drakath and some other monsters on the bottom»

To free the Queen of Monsters from her prison in the Chaos Realm…

The Champion of Chaos nearly shattered our world.

The lands we fought to save have fallen, and the people flee their homes.

A hunt has begun for the Queen of Monsters, to take her down before she destroys us all!

«Change scene, lake with trees and mountains on the background. Blue lightning hits a tree, burning it and Queen of Monsters appears.»

Queen of Monsters: This land is so peaceful. Serene. Perfect.
Queen of Monsters: The terror we sow and the fear we reap will taste so much… sweeter.
Queen of Monsters: It is time.

Boy: !?!

Queen of Monsters: … Delicious.

«Change scene, Queen of Monsters using some kind of magic on a rock»

«Change scene, black screen»

The Queen of Monsters' power flows into the earth, into the sea, and into the air.

As she learns the secrets of the land, its creatures, and people, ideas take shape… and a battle plan forms.

«Change scene, starry knight, scroll down, Astromancer comes into screen»

Astromancer: As midnight falls, the stars foretell and guide, outlined by my spell.
Astromancer: Writ in blood, breath, spark, and shall, I summon aid to help repel --

«A small ball of energy floats down from the sky»

Polaris Messenger: *** I bring a message to the AstroMancer from the Dark Beyond ***
Polaris Messenger: *** The screams of destruction from this world echo through the past AND future ***
Polaris Messenger: *** Your call was heard by one who listens for such cries ***
Polaris Messenger: *** The Mage of Glacera will bring his warriors and a power this world has seen only once before ***
Polaris Messenger: *** The Horologium Gate must be built before the 12th hour of the Obscura Majora Alignment ***

«The Astromancer bows»

Astromancer: I thank the messenger for such welcome news! What more can you tell me of him?
Astromancer: What is his power? What aid will he bring

Polaris Messenger: *** Your world falls. He will come. ***

Astromancer: The 12th hour of the Obscura Majora Alignment…!!!!
Astromancer: We do not have much time! I will need more help than I have here.
Astromancer: Lorentz! Send a message to <Hero>, <he/she> must journey here… NOW!

«Changes scene, back at Queen of Monsters boy, zoom in to boy, he wakes up, a red light flashes in Queen of Monsters' chest and englufs the boy»

«Scene fades»

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