Worldbreaker Rising


«Map of Lore, Drakath and some other monsters on the bottom, subtitle on top: "To free the Queen of Monsters from her prison in the Chaos Realm…"»

«Header: "The Champion of Chaos nearly shattered our world."»

«Header: "The lands we fought to save have fallen, and the people flee their homes."»

«Header: "A hunt has begun for the Queen of Monsters, to take her down before she destroys us all!"»

«Change scene, lake with trees and mountains on the background. Blue lightning hits a tree, burning it and Queen of Monsters appears.»

Queen of Monsters: This land is so peaceful. Sere. Perfect.
Queen of Monsters: The terror we sow and the fear we reap will taste so much… sweeter.
Queen of Monsters: It is time.

Boy: !?!

Queen of Monsters: … Delicious.

«Change scene, Queen of Monsters using some kind of magic on a rock»

«Change scene, black screen, text: "The Queen of Monsters' power flows into the earth, into the sea, and into the air."»

«Text: "As she learns the secrets of the land, its creatures, and people, ideas take shape… and a battle plan forms.»

«Change scene, starry knight, scroll down, Astromancer comes into screen»

Astromancer: As midnight falls, the stars foretell and guide, outlined by my spell.
Astromancer: Writ in blood, breath, spark, and shall, I summon aid to help repel —

Polaris Messenger: *** I bring a message to the AstroMancer from the Dark Beyond ***
Polaris Messenger: *** The screams of destruction from this world echo through the past AND future ***
Polaris Messenger: *** Your call was heard by one who listens for such cries ***
Polaris Messenger: *** The Mage of Glacera will bring his warriors and a power this world has seen only once before ***
Polaris Messenger: *** The Horologium Gate must be built before the 12th hour of the Obscura Majora Alignment ***

Astromancer: I thank the messenger for such welcome news! What more can you tell me of him?
Astromancer: What is his power? What aid will he bring

Polaris Messenger: *** Your world falls. He will come. ***

Astromancer: The 12th hour of the Obscura Majora Alignment…!!!!
Astromancer: We do not have much time! I will need more help than I have here.
Astromancer: Lorentz! Send a message to <Hero>, he must journey here… NOW!

«Changes scene, back at Queen of Monsters boy, zoom in to boy, he wakes up, a red light flashes in Queen of Monsters' chest»

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