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«Scene: Swordhaven - Undead »

Across the world, the ChaosWeavers attacked, slaughtering innocent men, women, and children.

«Scene: Darkovia Graveyard»

No creature was safe. Human, beast, and undead fell to their Spears and fed their army.

«Scene: Doomwood Forest»

Chaosweavers and those they enslaved infested forests, plains, mountains, and towns…

«Scene: Twilight's Edge»

Hero: NO ONE has seen Tomix! I am beginning to think the SoulWeaver did not –

Riadne: Nonsense. They wouldn't have killed him, he's too valuable.
Riadne: I don't think anyone knows more about SoulWeaving OR ChaosWeavers than he does.

Hero: … SoulWeaving?

Riadne: Magic. It's not Arachnomancy, it's something special.
Riadne: I'm an Arachnomancer. I study the spiders magics, weaving webs of mana to cast spells.
Riadne: But SoulWeaving uses something else. I'm not really sure WHAT, but it's important to Tomix.
Riadne: AND to the ChaosWeavers. He knows things THEY would want to know. He's safe. For now.

Hero: Then I'd better get back out there. I don't know WHY these eight-legged freaks invaded, but…
Hero: There is no way they are going to Raid MY homes or threaten MY friends!

«Scene: Weaver Queen»

Weaver Queen: It won't be long now, my children. Once <Hero> finds the SoulWeaver, <He/She>'ll have the key to close the gate forever.
Weaver Queen: But <Hero> will not rest until <He/She> confronts ME. Heroes never do.
Weaver Queen: <He/She> will journey here. The Arachnomancer and the SoulWeaver will accompany <him/her>.
Weaver Queen: Once they arrive, after they fight their way HERE, to me…

Weaver Queen: Our future will be secure, and there will be no one left to slay our people. No one.

«Scene fades»

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