Wolfwing's Story / Werepyre Birth


«Scene: Darkovia Forest»

Shadowslayer Z: You've shown me that you have what it takes to fight against the dark forces of Lore…
Shadowslayer Z: …But before you accept the call to become a Shadowslayer, I need to tell you what you're up against…
Shadowslayer Z: …His name is Wolfwing.

«Man running from a werewolf»

Shadowslayer Z: He was once a man like any other until he was bitten by a werewolf and infected with their lycanthropic disease.

«Harmed man-creature laying on the ground»

«Queen Safiria appears»

Shadowslayer Z: Before the disease could take hold, Safiria, the Vampire Queen also bit this man-creature, changing the course of this transformation.

«Queen Safiria bites the man-creature»

«Man-creature transforms into a werepyre»

Shadowslayer Z: He became something new. A Werepyre… sharing both the strengths and weaknesses of both nightbreeds.

«Werepyre howls»

Shadowslayer Z: Neither the Vampire Kingdom nor the Werewolf Nation would have anything to do with him. He was left to fend for himself in the dark.
Shadowslayer Z: … Something has changed recently. He has grown in power and I suspect that Drakath gave him that power.
Shadowslayer Z: He's found the strength to turn others… vampires or werewolves… into werepyres like himself.
Shadowslayer Z: He's creating an armor of these monsters, and that's not all. He’s been sending packs of them out into Lore at night.

Shadowslayer Z: They are looking for something for Wolfwing. I don't know what it is but he has to be stopped. He's a greater threat to Lore than Safiria and the Werewolf king combined.
Shadowslayer Z: It's YOUR JOB, as a Shadowslayer, to make those fools realize it. They need to put aside their never ending war and join us to stop Wolfwing.
Shadowslayer Z: They would never trust me after all I have done to stop both of them, but you are new blood… fresh meat. You might be able to win their respect and unite them.
Shadowslayer Z: That is our only hope. YOU are our only hope.

«Scene fades»

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