Wolfwing's Prize


«Scene: Lycan Ridge Cave»

Werewolf King: You have earned the right to know what I know.
Werewolf King: Wolfwing has been sending his Werepyres out during the night, and I know what they were searching for…
Werewolf King: …They were sent out to capture a DRAGON!

Hero: Uh, did you say "…what they WERE looking for"?

«Scene: Werepyres capturing a dragon»

Werewolf King: Yes. A few nights ago some pack scouts saw them dragging a full grown dragon toward Wolfwing's lair.

«Scene: Lycan Ridge Cave»

Werewolf King: He might be planning to feed on the dragon.

Hero: Why not just go to the dragon's lair and feed on it there?

Werewolf King: It makes no sense to me, but I don't like it. Wolfwing must be stopped.

Hero: So can I count on your help when I face him?

Werewolf King: You have my respect, hero, but we are fighting a war on two fronts.
Werewolf King: I cannot spare any pack members until we are in a stronger position. I'm sorry.

Hero: It's ok. I'm getting used to fighting alone. I'm kind of a LONE WOLF!

Werewolf King: *Grrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Hero: Down boy. Sorry.

Werewolf King: Our paths will cross again, one-shape. The Lycans will assist you how ever we can… if we can.
Werewolf King: The path to Wolfwing's lair is open to you. Father Woods watch over you.

Hero: Thank you, Werewolf King.

«Scene fades»

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