Wolfwing (NPC)

Fifth Hero of Balance
Thank you for arriving as soon as you could. I know you have been quite busy helping the others. Xang and I have been spread thin, I'm afraid - between facing Kolyaban's forces and trying to stop infighting between the Vampires and the Lycans. But now that you are here, we will be able to focus our efforts on Kolyaban!

Kolyaban is planning something… Up ahead, she has sealed herself in a stone circle, planning on casting a ritual. I fear what type of ritual “the Reshaper” has planned for Darkovia… Especially one involving the Darkness Orb. We must stop her at all costs.

- Wolfwing's Quests

After completing the 'Ritual Disruption' quest:

Fifth Hero of Balance
The time has come to face Kolyaban. She will not be happy that we disrupted her ritual. But do not worry. My Dracowerepyre and I will be at your side. We will not fall here!

- Wolfwing's Quests

After completing the 'The Darkness Orb' quest:

Fifth Hero of Balance
Thank you, <Hero>. You have put an end to Kolyaban's reign of terror she has held over Darkovia. The Vampires and Lycans can rest easy tonight thanks to you. We only have one more Orb to collect. The Ice Orb. Though, I fear that it will be the hardest one yet…

After completing the 'The Ice Orb' quest:

Fifth Hero of Balance
With Quetzal defeated, the Queen has lost some of her most powerful players. And with the Orbs on our side, she is at an even greater disadvantage. I feel like fate is finally turning in our favor.

Location: Orb Hunt

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