With Torches and Pitchforks


«Scene: the Hero has defeated the Ice Master Yeti. Villagers with burning torches and pitchforks surround them»

Blizzy: Ice Master Yeti! It's over!
Blizzy: Give us back our kids!

Ice Master Yeti: What? Is that what all of this is about?
Ice Master Yeti: How could you even THINK that? You know I'm reformed now!
Ice Master Yeti: Sure, I stole a bunch of moglins ONCE. But I gave them all back!
Ice Master Yeti: Come on, <Hero>! Tell them!

Hero: …yeah, I really don't remember any of that.

Ice Master Yeti: Hmm. Maybe that was only in DragonFable.
Ice Master Yeti: But still! It wasn't me! WE have had children stolen, too!
Ice Master Yeti: So… you know…
Ice Master Yeti: …you can put all of those pitchforks away.

Blizzy: Yeah? Well, if it wasn't YOU, then who WAS it?

Ice Master Yeti: Probably Jalnar. Have you gone after HIM yet?

Hero: Jalnar? Who the heck is Jalnar? Are we supposed to know what that means?

Ice Master Yeti: You know, Jalnar? Jalnar the Deceiver?

«The Hero and Blizzy are clueless»

Ice Master Yeti: Alright, well, listen.
Ice Master Yeti: Deep in the caverns underneath Frostvale, there lives a monster that calls itself Jalnar.
Ice Master Yeti: Some say he used to be a regular frost giant, but something twisted him.
Ice Master Yeti: Turned him evil.
Ice Master Yeti: Others say he's an ancient being that has existed since the world began.

«Scene fades to black»

Ice Master Yeti: He disguises himself as something enticing…

«Scene: a child making a snowman, being watched by another snowman holding a candy cane»

Ice Master Yeti: A magical snowman, who promises to grant your every wish…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: another child, looking in the bushes at a puppy»

Ice Master Yeti: A cute wolf pup, looking for a friend…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Chilly and Jingles the elf»

Ice Master Yeti: Or even as a playful elf, offering toys and gifts.
Ice Master Yeti: He lures children to his lair, where he imprisons them with tempting illusions.
Ice Master Yeti: And slowly transforms them.
Ice Master Yeti: When winter ends, he goes into a deep sleep.
Ice Master Yeti: When he sleeps, these transformed children guard him…
Ice Master Yeti: …and he feeds on their life energy to keep himself alive.

Hero: Well, that's pretty dark.

Blizzy: Please! You have to tell us how to find him!

Ice Master Yeti: Oh, yeah, I can get you to him, no problem.
Ice Master Yeti: YOU might not remember this, but Chilly is my FRIEND.

«Scene fades to black»

Ice Master Yeti: I'll do whatever it takes to get him back.

«Scene fades»

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