Wishing in the Fountain


«Scene: Hero near the fountain»

Hero: Hmm… wonder if anybody's been throwing their gold in the fountain…

«Hero takes a peek»

Hero: Dang. Looks like I'll have to get my gold the old fashioned w-

«The place shakes»

Hero: Whoa.

«Bluvia comes flying over»

Hero: Hey, are you alright?

Bluvia: Did you see that?!

Hero: How did that happen?

Bluvia: Oh well actually I was hired to install a booby-trap in case people try to steal change out of the fountain, and I got sucked in.

Hero: *cough* Steal change?! Who would do such a thing!

Bluvia: I know, right? It might not be a real wishing well but you gotta keep the dream alive, y'know?
Bluvia: Can't let those bandits ruin people's wishes!

Hero: Um, yeah. So… anyway I have to get going. Somewhere. Somewhere that is not here.

«Hero walks away»

«Scene fades»

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