Willow Creek Quests

Quest Location: Battleon Town
Quests Begun From: Warlic

Thank you for answering my call! I have received an urgent message from the Church Elder of Willow Creek. There is a monster loose in the area, attacking their animals and crops. To show me that you are the right person for the job, please go to the Forest and bring me back 5 zard tails and (most importantly) the Zard Chieftain's Head. Once you have done that, I know I can recommend you to Calafalas with no reservations.

Items Required:


  • 200 Gold
  • 200 Exp
  • Letter of Recommendation

Thanks to Apus and Nightly.


Removed Quests:

Quest Location: Willow Creek - Willow Creek Chapel
Quests Begun From: Calafas
Requirements: Must have completed the 'Garden Snails' quest.

Saints be praised, our prayers have been answered at last! Welcome to Willow Creek my child. We are in dire need of assistance from a hero such as you. A mysterious evil has recently befallen our poor town. Every night, some strange beast descends upon our town, slaughters our livestock, and lays waste to our fields. Please, if you would, talk with the local farmers. Surely one of them must know something that can help you find this terrible evil.

Items Required:

  • Westin Info x1
    • Reward from 'Backyard Zards' quest
  • Northrup Info x1
    • Reward from 'Attic Spiders' quest
  • Eastman Info x1
    • Reward from 'Garden Snails' quest
  • Southwick Info x1
    • Reward from 'Storage Speyeders' quest
  • Dwakel Info x1


  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Exp


  • Tattered Journal

Thanks to Nightly.

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