Will of the Stars


«Scene: King Drago and Advisor in his Majesty's Castle»

Advisor: King Drago, you seem agitated. Should you not be satisfied in your wise decision to call on <Hero>. They have defeated the invaders.

«Advisor moves a little closer to King Drago»

King Drago: Oh, they're singing. They're singing praises that should belong to me!

«Advisor moves a little closer to King Drago»

King Drago: I was the one who brought the People's 'Hero', yet that parasite <Hero> is out there soaking up my glory.

«Advisor moves even closer to King Drago»

King Drago: If I had known taking the throne would mean having to care for ungrateful children, I would have dealt with them … with the rest…

«Advisor moves closer to King Drago»

Advisor: You are a wise King, your Highness. After shedding so much blood for your crown, your displeasure with your subjects and the parasite is just.

«Advisor moves EVEN closer to King Drago»

King Drago: Yes! My will is just! They must be taught to bow!

«Advisor moves even closer to King Drago, this time standing right next to him»

Advisor: And the will of the true King is the will of the Stars.

«Advisor moves closer to King Drago and whispers to his ear»

Advisor: To bring your children to heel, might I suggest..

«Advisor flickers in a purple glitch-like animation»

Advisor: The Coronation of the Celestial

«King Drago moves his head higher»

King Drago: What did you say?

«His Majesty looks at the Advisor»

King Drago: How did you come to know the name of such a ritual? My cowardly family kept it sealed for ages…
King Drago: We must discuss your snooping.
King Drago: But it is a tantalizing option..
King Drago: One that requires countless sacrifices.

«Scene: Zooms in on King Drago's evil smug face»

King Drago: All necessary.

«Scene fades»

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