Will and Fred

Wyld Dragyns
Hello Hero! I'm Fred, and he's Will. We are from the band Wyld Dragyns! We've been touring around through space and time with our buddy, Roofus, but we can't seem to find him anywhere. This is MOST heinous. Somehow we got kidnapped and are being held prisoner by an extra-dimensional rare collector. This is most non-triumphant.

We totally need your help. Without Roofus and our time machine, we are TRAPPED here. And that is totally NOT excellent. We need to escape to get back to the princesses!

Collector Class?
Interested in using "The Collector" class? There are two ways to get it. You can complete Drakath's daily quests and save up Tokens of Collection or just spend some AdventureCoins and get it now. The Token shop is here, the AC shop is in the Game Menu. * we are also releasing a Vindicator of They armor. This can only be accessed if you ALREADY have the Vindicator of They class.

- Collector Token Merge

Vindicator Armor?
Dude, we totally heard that we aren't the first band to be trapped here.. hopefully we're the last! If you already have the Vindicator of THey Class, it is MOST excellent for you. You can grab the Vindicator of They armor from one of the shops below. If you bought your VoT Class with ACs, use the "AC Version of the Class" shop. If you battled and fought and farmed your way to the class, use the other shop.

- Vindicator of They Armor (Shop) pseudosmall.png
- Vindicator of They Shop (2) pseudosmall.png


Note: Will and Fred are a parody of Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.


Thanks to boomboompowboyz, Rich Wind and Syudanco.

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