Wilhelm's Betrayal


«Dage and Wilhelm VorKrieg in Dark Fortress»

«Nulgath now in scene»

Nulgath: So. You survived. Pity. But - look, you brought your friend. How… pathetic. And unsurprising.
NUlgath: I see my messages reached you, Wilhelm Vorkrieg. You are unimpressive, if useful.
Nulgath: But perhaps you'll surprise me in person.

Dage: Wilhelm? You and Nulgath - This was planned?

Wilhelm: Did you think I would forgive you for what you did?
Wilhelm: She's GONE. The fact you DON'T CARE is why I'm here. Why I did… this.

Nulgath: Did you expect to make your Mark of Mastery without a TRUE challenge?
Nulgath: The caverns were nothing to what you'll face NOW.

«Wilhelm VorKrieg attacks Dage»

«Scene fades»

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