Why You're Here


«Scene: Young Stryche against a black background»

You have long been friends with Stryche, leader of the Hunter's Moon Clan, an honorable people, who revere the spirit of Voland, King of the Bears.
For many years, he's fought to defeat his people's greatest enemy, Marchosias, a rebel warrior who embraced a dark power.
When a mysterious vortex pulls you and Stryche into his past, you find yourself in the moments just before Stryche and fellow warrior, Marchosias, are given shared leadership of the clan. Unwilling to share power, Marchosias leads an army of MoonCursed Warriors in battle.
With your help, Marchosias' army was driven back, but the battle is far from over…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Stryche stands in front of a tree alight with blue flames»

Stryche: When Marchosias claimed the Skull of Volan, King of Bears. he took possession of Voland's strength.
Stryche: But he embodied only part of Voland's spirit, and so he brought his power out of balance.
Stryche: He cursed our clan.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Close up on the burning tree»

Stryche: We've removed the corruption from the Tree of Wisdom. It now burns with pure moonlight.
Stryche: But with Voland's spirit inside of me, I can sense that balance has not yet been restored.
Stryche: We must find him, confront him, and find a way to bring things back to the way they were meant to be.

Hero: But Stryche…. we HAVE fought him before. You and I, together.
Hero: It happened in my past, but… it was in your future.
Hero: …We didn't win.

Stryche: Hmm.
Stryche: If you still know me in the future, that means I don't die here tonight.
Stryche: And if you've been sent back here in my past, then maybe you're here to help me change it.
Stryche: We couldn't defeat him in the future, but he's weaker here. Less experienced.
Stryche: We can DO this!

Hero: Maybe you're right. Maybe that IS why I'm here.
Hero: But even this version of him is crazy powerful.

Stryche: You're right.
Stryche: To bring down Marchosias, we're going to need some very special weapons.

«Scene fades»

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