Why Me?


«Scene: Tyndarius and Malgor»

Malgor: Do you truly trust that boy to be your Envoy?
Malgor: You realize an Envoy's duty is to be "you" on Lore, right?
Malgor: As an Avatar, you can't leave this place without burning Lore and, therefore, your people to a crisp.
Malgor: So I hope you realize how much trust you are putting into this boy.

Tyndarius: Trust me, his power and affinity to Fire surpasses that of any soldier I have seen before.
Tyndarius: And as for his loyalty… Well. He has the type of loyalty that could only be given to those one looks up to.
Tyndarius: This boy has heard stories of my conquests and triumphs… Even my failures.
Tyndarius: But when I saw the look in his eyes when I returned to my people…
Tyndarius: I knew he was something special.

Malgor: Whatever you say, Tyndarius.
Malgor: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do.

Tyndarius: And what is this "work"? Why did you want to conquer this place?

Malgor: *This* place wasn't the important part. Any of the Planes would do.
Malgor: I knew I'd have to take out an Avatar and replace them.
Malgor: You just seemed to be the best fit for this particular job.

Tyndarius: Why didn't you just become the Avatar yourself? Why me?

Malgor: I would love to, but can't. You see, I have some… "complications" preventing that.
Malgor: But I wouldn't complain. Those same "complications" are what's keeping you alive right now.
Malgor: But don't worry, I'm not like that former Queen of yours.
Malgor: I'm not secretly planning your demise.
Malgor: I just needed access to something only the Elemental Planes could provide.

Tyndarius: And when you have it?

Malgor: The world will be at peace.
Malgor: And before you go off worrying, your people will be fine. You'll still be the Fire Avatar, watching over them.
Malgor: You'll just find the world a little more… complacent when I'm done.

«Scene fades»

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