Why Are We Stopped?


«Scene: Cysero, the Hero, and some passengers inside the Ubear»

Cysero: Today, we’ll be traveling from Sandsea to Dwarfhold - from one side of the map to the other!

«A map of Lore appears with a dotted line from A-Sandsea to B-Dwarfhold»

Cysero: By choosing Ubear, we’ll get there in a fraction of the time it would if you were walking from zone to zone!

«The map vanishes»

Cysero: Ubear - travel on YOUR time, in no time!

Hero: But can’t we just /join the map we’re going to?

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The passengers and Cysero in the moving Ubear»

Cysero: To the left, we’re now passing the fertile plains of…

«The Ubear shakes and the passengers are bumped around. The Ubear stops moving»

Cysero: AUGH!

Hero: What’s happening? Why are we stopped?

Cysero: Hmm. Looks like we’ve hit a snag… we’re in the middle of Bloodtusk Ravine.
Cysero: Don’t panic, everyone! Nothing to worry about.
Cysero: There are always a few bugs when new content first goes live. We’ll get this sorted in a jiffy!

«Scene fades»

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