«Scene: Drakath, Xang and Teja on the Screen 6 of Laguna Beach and Xang holding ShadowChaos Brigand up by her clothes»

Xang: Hey, guys! This one's still alive! Tee hee. What should we do with her?

Minion: How dare you!! You let me go right now!

Xang: Well, she sure convinced me. How about you guys? Hee hee!

Minion: Fools! My master is more powerful than ANYTHING on Lore! Captain Laguna will destroy you!

Drakath: You are the foolish one! Not just anyone can handle the power of the Chaos Amulet.

«Scene: Drakath powering up»

Drakath: I will show you and your false champion what true power looks like!

Minion: EEEEK! Master, save me! Save me!

«Scene: Minion fades away in a flame of shadows»

Drakath: Did she just… did she just get away.

Xang: Yep.

Drakath: *sigh*

Teja: She be makin' a lot o' noise, too. We may be havin' company soon.

Drakath: We'd better hurry up and find her "master".

«Scene fades»

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