Who was Subjugated?


«Scene: After defeating the Subjugator»

Subjugator: You treacherous brat! I won't forget this!

Hero: Well, that was intense.

Darcy: Wait a minute… where is Emily?
Darcy: Emily! Where are you going? It's still not safe!

Emily: Nah, it's fine! I'm good! Catch you later, guys!

Hero: Nuh-uh! I don't think so! Something smells really bad here!
Hero: "Treacherous brat"? "Traitor"?
Hero: What exactly was he talking about, Emily?

Emily: Who can tel with these guys? Skeletons, amirite? They're so confusing!

Darcy: How could I not have seen this before? Some paladin I am…

«Darcy casts a holy spell, revealing Emily's real form, an undead»

Darcy: She was never lost out here. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Emily: Nnngh! Fine! Ok!
Emily: I used you guys to take out a rival. Are you happy now?

Hero: I… what? Seriously?

Emily: He was doing a terrible job! He was never around. He just let his minions do all the work for him.
Emily: Is that the kind of leadership we need? No!
Emily: But with this….
Emily: I'll be the one who has power over the horde.
Emily: And I'll be the one who finally destroys Lightguard Keep!

Hero: Does… does this mean we… have to hurt a little kid?

Darcy: She's not a child. She's a monster. But… I have to protect my order!
Darcy: Oh, this is going to be hard.

«As Darcy begins to cast a spell, an arrow shot Emily causing her to disappear instantly. Both of you are surprised by the sudden attack»

Darcy: Hey! What gives? I had that! I was just about to-

«An infernal knight is standing at the top of the leafless tree»

Hero: Oh no.
Hero: We have to get to Lightguard keep!

«A group of paladins in the woods disappears as the infernals begin their onslaught on Lightguard Keep»

???: AUGH!
???: AAAAH!

Darcy: They're… using Celestial power?
Darcy: How can we even fight this?

Hero: I don't know.

«Scene fades»

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