Who Can Help


«Brentan, Victoria, Warlic, Gravelyn, and the Hero are standing in Gravelyn's throne room.»

Gravelyn: <Hero>'s work with the captured monster has paid off.
Gravelyn: We've discovered a weakness… something we may be able to use against Extriki.

Warlic: This is great news. What is it?

  • Note: This dialouge bubble is over Brentan's head.

«Screen zooms in to show only Warlic, Gravelyn, and the Hero.»

Hero: When I was… attempting to interrogate Zognax…
Hero: He admitted to me that Lore itself is toxic to him. That being here weakens him, makes him ill.
Hero: …and that he needs the toxic Rift matter to survive.

Warlic: How fascinating.
Warlic: So then… Extriki's poison…

Hero: …is meant to make Lore habitable for them, yeah.

«Screen moves to the left, showing Victoria.»

Victoria: How does that help us, though? They're already solving that problem for themselves.

Gravelyn: We weaponize Lore. Find a source of condensed, elemental Nature, and turn it into a bomb.

«Screen slides to the left to show Brentan.»

Brentan: That's brilliant!

Victoria: What? No!
Victoria: The destruction of the very thing that gives our world life… how can you be ok with this?

Brentan: We have to find a way to stop this thing, and this sounds like our best chance.

«Screen returns to a full view of everyone in the throne room.»

Hero: I don't like it either, but it might be the only way to protect Lore.
Hero: If we can save the rest of the world from the destruction that happened here…

Victoria: …we have to do it by any means necessary.
Victoria: Alright. I'm not happy about it, but I'm in.

Brentan: Where would we even find something like that, though?

Gravelyn: I don't know, but <Hero> knows someone who might.

Hero: Ravinos Brightglade.

Victoria: The High Druid of Brightoak? He would never agree to it.

Hero: Under normal circumstances? No, he wouldn't.

«Screen zooms in to show only Warlic, Gravelyn, and the Hero.»

Hero: But he witnessed the destruction of his home at the hands of the Queen and her Monsters.
Hero: If he has a chance to stop it from happening to the rest of Lore…

Warlic: He might take it.

Hero: He might.

«Screen changes to show Victoria.»

Victoria: Alright, I'll go with you. My presence might help.
Victoria: Even now, Alteon's name still means something to people.
Victoria: And anyone who knows my reputation knows I'd never back this plan unless it was absolutely necessary.

«Screen fades.»

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