Who Are You?



«Scene: Hero and Howard on Screen 5 of Howard's Hill»

Howard: Who are you? Why are you here? Go away.

Hero: I thought this place was abandoned! Do you live here?

Howard: Yes, it's me. Only me, now.

Hero: Only you "now?" What happend to everyone else?

Howard: Gone. My wife, my children… all gone, now. The monsters came, and we tried to fight them off, oh, we tried…

Hero: You mean the ice monsters? The ones I had to fight to get up this mountain?

Howard: No! The Queen's monsters. All twisted and blackened and evil.

Hero: The Queen… you must have been alone for so long, then.

«Close up on Hero»

Hero: Gosh… is this what's been causing this storm? An old man's grief. I don't just have to save Frostvale… I have to save him!

«Scene moves back to Howard and Hero»

Howard: What's that? Speak up, you're mumbling!

Hero: Let me help you. In the spirit of Frostval! It's what heroes do.

«Scene fades»

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