Which came first...?


«Scene: Kairos and the Hero stand in front of a giant purple rift at Battleon»

Kairos: <Hero>, good. It's about time you got here! You've seen the portals, yes? Yes.
Kairos: This invasion is unlike anything we have encountered before.
Kairos: As the guardians of time and space, the Council of Chronolords has authorized YOU and your fellow heroes to take care of the scavengers fleeing the timestream.
Kairos: If you know what I mean.

Hero: Yeah, I think I got it. You weren't very subtle.

Kairos: I mean, destroy the foul beasts. Take them out. Grind them into dust.

Hero: Right, exactly. I got this. It's what I DO.

Kairos: There's just ONE THING before you get to slaying -- Vorefax.

Hero: Vore in the what now?

Kairos: It is well known to the Council that the Vorefax does not appear until over a Quadrillion years from now.
Kairos: So why is this creature here!? And more importantly… How do WE stop it!?

Hero: With my blade and an army of heroes. That's how!

Kairos: Well said, my soon-to-be-friend! Then let's stop wasting time and get to battling!

«An orange rift appears to the left (our left, not Kairos' left) of Kairos»


«Scene fades»

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