Where is the Phoenix?



«Scene: Hero and Lucca inside the temporal rift»

Lucca: Where is it?!
Lucca: I don't understand. It's supposed to be here!

Hero: Maybe it already exploded?

Lucca: Don't be silly. We wouldn't be standing here if that had happened.
Lucca: We'd all be dead…

«A silhouetted figure appears»

???: Is that something you're afraid of?
???: How hypocritical, coming from one who's so eager to destroy.

Lucca: Destroy? What are you talking about?
Lucca: We're just trying to help usher in the new year!

«The silhouetted figure is revealed to be the spirit of the year 2019»

???: At the expense of the old one!

Hero: the expense of the old one! Is that… what you are?

2019: I remember this time last year… taking the place of the year that came before.
2019: I swore I wouldn't let it happen to me, when the time came.
2019: It took my entire life… but I finally figured out the secret: the Chrono-Phoenix!
2019: As long as I can prevent it from completing its cycle…
2019: I can prevent the year from completing its own cycle, too!

Hero: Obviously we're going to have to stop you.

«Scene fades»

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