Where Chairman P Ended Up



«Scene: Hero and Twilly stand in front of a defeated Zorbak and his broken BOGOdrone Prime»

Hero: Alright, "Mr. Z". Give it up. It's over.

Mr. Z: What? No! This is NOT over!
Mr. Z: You haven't stopped anything! It's just a minor setback! It's-

«Scene pans right to Yulgar and some angry villagers»

Mr. Z: -Oh.

«Scene pans back left to the Hero and Twilly»

Hero: You guys got this, right?
Hero: We'll just show ourselves out.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Oishii's feast, now with an empty table»

Oishii: Thanks for helping me clean up, you guys.

Cysero: Hey, no problem! THIS is what we should have been doing all along.

Oishii: You got that right.

«Hero stands in front of Twilly, who is using a laptop»

Hero: Hey, you gonna help us, or what?

Twilly: Yep! Sorry, just a second…
Twilly: Twilly has to nab this Cyber Monday deal before it ends!

Cysero: WHAT?!

Oishii: WHAT?!

Hero: Are you kidding me? YOU, the guy who just shamed us all over shopping on Black Friday?

«Twilly does a moglin approximation of a shrug»

Twilly: There aren't any drones forcing people to work on the internet.

Hero: You sure about that? We still don't know where Chairman Platinum ended up…

Twilly: Twilly's reasonably sure he's not behind Slamazon's online sale.

Hero: Yeah. Probably not.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a beach somewhere»

Chairman Platinum: Ha! Zorbak can have his fun with EbilCorp.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Chairman Platinum sitting on a beach chair, using an EbilCorp laptop»

Chairman Platinum: THIS is the life! I have ZERO regrets.


Chairman Platinum: Oh, look! Another sale!

«Scene: the beach chair Chairman Platinum is sitting on, viewed from behind – it reads "Slamazon CEO"»


Chairman Platinum: ZERO regrets.

«Scene fades»

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