Wheel of Doom

Location: Doom

  • Spin the wheel to earn amazing prizes!


You may also receive at random:

  • Must be at least level 10 5 to do the Weekly spin.
  • Must be at least level 8 to do the Daily spin. legendsmall.png
  • A spin can be used by purchasing a Fortune Ticket.
  • How the Treasure Potions are rewarded:
    • 1 Treasure Potion is awarded when you win an item
    • 2 Treasure Potions are awarded when you don't win an item
    • 3 Treasure Potions are awarded if the wheel tries to award you an item that you already have by purchasing it from the Doom Merge (2) shop
    • 6 Treasure Potions are awarded if you have ALL possible items
  • Free Players can spin once a week if they have x3 Gear of Doom in inventory. Gears are consumed upon spinning the wheel.
  • Legends receive a free Daily Spin.
  • Upon winning an item, what you have won is announced only to you.
  • You can only get the same item from the Wheel of Doom once.
  • Visit the Wheel of Doom FAQ for frequently asked questions.
  • Also see Wheel of Destiny and Wheel of Doom (Old).

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