What the Heck?



«Scene: Memet, Aurelio Voltaire and Hero on Screen 1 of Gothic Dream»

Memet: Yay! You did it!

Hero: Ok, what the HECK is going on here??

Memet: You just killed a giant monster cake, duh.

Hero: It looks like something Voltaire would make.

Aurelio Voltaire: That's because I did. It was supposed to be the dessert for Oishii's Harvest Feast.

Hero: Dang. I'm sorry I smashed it, then.

Aurelio Voltaire: Hey, it's fine. A good party planner always makes extra!

Hero: That's sounding pretty ominous right now.

Aurelio Voltaire: Yeah, I wasn't really thinking about what that was implying.

Memet: GUYS! Focus! Right now, the most important thing is finding a way to make Voltaire wake UP.
Memet: If he stops dreaming, then all of us can get out of this mess!

«Scene fades»

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