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«Scene: Hero, Abel, and Syrrus in the /icewindwar map»

Hero: So, that didn't work out as planned.
Hero: Instead of using one of the brothers to take down the other one…
Hero: All we really managed to do was help Karok bind Kezeroth to his will.
Hero: (I still can't even believe he was able to do that!)

Syrrus: Don't underestimate Karok. He is a very powerful mage…
Syrrus: He may even be as powerful as Kezeroth, though in a different way.
Syrrus: To be honest, I'm still not quite sure how we managed to defeat him last time.

Abel: And now, we're going to have to defeat them both!
Abel: But how?

Hero: I don't know. Same way we did last time, I guess-
Hero: We'll wait for the right opening and jump on it.

Syrrus: I have no idea how. But if anyone can save Lore from these two brothers…
Syrrus: …I have no doubt it will be you.

«Scene fades»

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