What's Going On?


«Scene: Kalron and Asherion in the destroyed town, with Stellaria and the Hero hiding behind a burnt tree. And Artix is just inexplicably behind them, too.»

Kalron the Cryptborg: We harvested a fine pile of fleshbags from this village.
Kalron the Cryptborg: Asherion! Round up the rest of the villagers for transport back to the castle. I'm sure I will be awarded with new augmentation for this lot.

Asherion: As you command, my lord…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Stellaria and the Hero behind a tree»

Stellaria: YES! Kalron is here! He's the TechnoLich's right-hand cyborg. The only one who's ever even seen his face…
Stellaria: You stay here and defend the town, okay? I've got to try to get close to him and see what I can learn.

Hero: WAIT! Before you do anything, you really need to tell me…

Stellaria: Awww, don't worry - I promise to be careful! Just keep everyone safe until I return.

«Scene fades»

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