What is THAT? (Cutscene)



«Scene: Voltaire attemps to start the limousine, but it's not working»


Aurelio Voltaire: Ugh. It's stalling out.


Mort: What's that noise?

Swaggy: Something's scratching at the door! It must be Shrade! He's trying to get in!

Hero: We're ok, we're ok, just calm down.


«Mort cowers»

Mort: Aieee!

Hero: Hurry up and get this thing running!


Aurelio Voltaire: Got it! Let's go!

«Voltaire drives off»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Some houses in the distance, covered by fog»

Hero: OMG, did we find actual people?

«Scene: the group in the Limo»

Aurelio Voltaire: This looks like a good place to stop and get help.

«The group in front of a cabin that is glowing an eerie blue»

Swaggy: Uhh. Guys? If that WASN'T Shrade we heard scratching at the door…

«Scene: cloth and a chain stuck on the doorknob of the cabin»

Swaggy: …then what is THAT?

«Scene fades»

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