What is it Good For?


«Scene: Hero and Loremaster Anka in Screen 5 of Back Room beside Book Wyrm»

Loremaster Anka: What a close call! It's a good thing I brought you along, <Hero>. Who knew a library could be so dangerous?

Drakath: I did.

Hero: Drakath?!
Loremaster Anka: Drakath?!

Drakath: I designed it this way… to keep thieving hands off my books.

«Hero scratching his back»

Hero: Thieving? Whoa, Drakath, you've got it all wrong!
Hero: I was just helping your Loremaster get a book she needed.

Drakath: My Loremaster?

Hero: You know… Loremaster Anka.

Drakath: Ah, yes. Anka.
Drakath: The woman who's been skulking around my library, and is definitely not on my payroll.

Loremaster Anka: Drakath, I seek only to learn the truth about the Queen of Monsters. About what happened to her.

Drakath: What are you talking about? We KNOW what happened to her.
Drakath: He killed her.

<Hero scratching his back>

Hero: Yeah… that's what people keep saying.
Hero: But I don't remember actually DOING it.

Loremaster Anka: Exactly!
Loremaster Anka: You don't remember it. And I'm not convinced it actually happened.
Loremaster Anka: And that makes me wonder just what this Malgor is playing at.

Drakath: This is a distraction. We need to be focused on stopping Malgor.
Drakath: And what could this book possibly have to do with it, anyway?

Loremaster Anka: Because there's an artifact in the Plane of Monsters that will help us learn the truth.
Loremaster Anka: An artifact that I believe to be here, below Crownsreach, inside the last open rift between the worlds.
Loremaster Anka: And this book is going to tell us how to find it.

«Scene fades»

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