What in the...



«Scene: The Hero and Horatio in a tower with Gravelyn sitting upon a pile of bones»

Hero: There you are!

Gravelyn: Glaaah!

Hero: Careful, now! That's right, come over here to me!

«Gravelyn starts glowing red and levitating»

Gravelyn: Tee hee!

Hero: No! What are you doing? You better stop that right now before-

«Gravelyn flies away from the pile of bones, which assembles itself into a giant skeletal bulldog»

Gravelyn: Gah hah!

Hero: Augh! What is that thing!

Gravelyn: Gleebleglarble! Gyaah!

Horatio: I daresay it looks like a puppy. Well done, child!
Horatio: Unfortunately, the master has already told her: NO PETS until she's old enough to take care of them herself.
Horatio: Oh, no. He will NOT be happy about this.

Hero: Oh, man. I'm gonna be in so much trouble.

«Scene fades»

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