What if Laken had Won?


«Scene: Ada kneels next to Laken, who is lying on the ground»

Ada: It's ok, I've got you.
Ada: We're going to take you back to the Order. We'll heal you.

Laken: …no.
Laken: I can feel myself unraveling. Fraying at the edges.
Laken: Too much of me is already gone.

«Scene moves in»

Ada: Your body is used to housing two souls.
Ada: They had to learn to live together… to become symbiotic.
Ada: But when they began to split, it damaged them. And that damaged your psyche.
Ada: One of them could repair itself, in time.
Ada: The other has almost been lost entirely.
Ada: But if we could replace it…

Laken: But you can't.

«Ada smiles»

Ada: Can't I?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Ada and Rayce, the Legion Soulstealer, stand in front of Laken»

Ada: If you help me save him, he'll be himself again.
Ada: He'll be loyal to the Legion… like Dage wanted him to be.
Ada: The Seraphs won't have any reason to fight you anymore.
Ada: If Dage truly wants balance… to rule the Underworld and leave Lore to the living…
Ada: We can all be at peace.

«Rayce nods»

Rayce: Alright. I'll help you.
Rayce: If you're SURE it's what you want.

Ada: I am.
Ada: Laken… it's my turn to take care of YOU, now.

«Rayce summons a blue dagger and chains appear around Ada. Her soul rises out her body and into Laken's chained body. The chains around Ada's body shatter and her body falls to the ground. Scene fades to white»

«Scene: Laken stands in front of the Hero, J6, and Rayce»

Laken: Ada! NO!

«Laken turns to the Hero»

Laken: How could you let her do this?

Hero: I'm so sorry. We didn't know.

«Scene: Laken turns to Rayce»

Laken: And YOU.
Laken: This isn't something I can ever forgive.
Laken: The Seraphic Order will be coming for Dage. And when it does…
Laken: I'll be coming for you, too.

Hero: Laken… this isn't what Ada wanted.
Hero: She was hoping this would bring harmony, and peace.

Laken: I'm too angry for peace.
Laken: Maybe, in time, I won't be.
Laken: I'm sorry. I can't be here now. I need to go.

«Scene: Laken hands the weaponized Dark Shard to the Hero»

Laken: Here. Do… whatever you think should be done with this.
Laken: I can't trust myself to make the right choice right now.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dage holds the weaponized Dark Shard»

Dage The Evil: The last fragment of my soul.
Dage The Evil: The last of Nulgath's hold over me.
Dage The Evil: Finally, I am bound to no one.

«Scene: Hero standing next to Dage»

Dage The Evil: You've made the right choice.
Dage The Evil: Free from Nulgath's influence, I can rule the Underworld in peace…
Dage The Evil: …and protect the World's Soul from those who would harm it.

Hero: Laken will come to his senses eventually. He's just hurting right now.

Dage The Evil: Whether he does come back to the Legion or not, this is not a conflict I wanted.
Dage The Evil: And I truly hope that it has ended.

«Scene fades»

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