What Have You Done?


«Scene: Sepulchure fights Dethrix»

Valen: You still think you can win. Don't you?

«Sepulchure slams Dethrix into a wall»

Valen: You can't conceive of the power I have!

Kill him now.

«Sepulchure stabs Dethrix»

Leave no doubt.

«Sepulchure reaches into Dethrix's chest»

Don't give him the chance to come for you again.

«Sepulchure pulls out Dethrix's still-beating heart»

Finish this now, and keep her safe.

«Scene: Lynaria stands up»

Valen: Lynaria. You're awake.

Lynaria: No! Stay away from me!

«Sepulchure reaches out for Lynaria»

Valen: Lynaria, my love… please don't be afraid.
Valen: I've come for you. You're safe now.

Lynaria: …Valen?
Lynaria: Oh, Valen, no. What have you done?

«Scene fades»

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