What Happened Here?


«Scene: Battleon with purple skies and the windows boarded up and magpies everywhere»

Jinx: What… happened here?

«Scene: the Hero and Jinx stand in Battleon»

Jinx: I know this place! This is… it's where I found YOU.

Hero: I'll tell you what happened here. Malgor.
Hero: MAN, I should have known! That's why these Sneevils look the way they do.
Hero: They've been tainted by his darkness.

Jinx: It's so… so EMPTY. There's no one left… nothing left.

«Jinx's eyes bug out of his head»


Hero: …Really, man? That's where you're going with this?

Jinx: But… but we were just there…
Jinx: How could this have happened so quickly?

Hero: I don't think it did. The Magpie infestation has been a problem for awhile, right?

Jinx: Mmhm.

Hero: I think maybe… this is our future.
Hero: This is what Malgor is going to do to the world.

«Scene fades»

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