What Else Is There?


«Scene: Lynaria and Sepulchure standing on a balcony on the dracolich»

Lynaria: Are you sure you're ready for this?
Lynaria: The shadow that's been invading your mind… corrupting you… it will fight this.
Lynaria: Your will has to be stronger.

Sepulchure: My will IS stronger.
Sepulchure: Since you've been here… I've been reminded of what I've lost.

«Sepulchure puts a hand on Lynaria's shoulder, and she smiles»

Sepulchure: I know you have, too.

«Lynaria pushes his hand away»

Lynaria: That was a moment of weakness. It can't happen again. You know that, right?
Lynaria: Even if this works, I am still Alteon's Queen.

Sepulchure: And before that, you were my love.
Sepulchure: You can't tell me that you don't miss it. That you never wonder how things might have gone differently.

Lynaria: Of course I do. You know I've always cared for you, too.
Lynaria: But I love Alteon. I married him. That's the choice I made.

Sepulchure: My emotions are deadened now. But I remember them. I remember us.
Sepulchure: What else is there? Why live at all, if not for this?

Lynaria: Sigh.
Lynaria: You're impossible, you know that?
Lynaria: Look, let's just take this a step at a time. We can have the rest of this conversation when this is done.

Sepulchure: Of course.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lynaria and Luma prepare to cast the spell on Sepulchure»

Lynaria: Alright. Let's do this.

«Lynaria starts casting a spell»

Lynaria: Is it working?

Sepulchure: I feel… warm. And a tingling, like-

«Background turns red»

He is MINE.

Sepulchure: Nnngh! It burns!

Luma: Perhaps this was a bad idea.

Lynaria: We knew there would be resistance. Keep going.

«A red sphere surrounds Sepulchure as Lynaria blasts him with light energy»

You are strong, but I am vast. I am eternal.

Sepulchure: I'm losing control!

Lynaria: Hold on! I just need a little more time!

«Red energy fills the screen and Sepulchure's eyes glow red»

You will not contain me.

Sepulchure: YEEAAAGH!

«Luma is blasted away by Sepulchure»

«Scene: Lynaria ducks next to the balcony wall»

Lynaria: Oof.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lynaria stands next to Luma»

Lynaria: Luma, are you-

«In a blast of red energy, Luma is corrupted and gets back up again to fight Lynaria»

«Scene fades»

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