Marsh Dweller
So you have agreed to come and help clear the Marsh of the Chaos creatures? You will need to be strong and have great courage to face the things that we've seen here in recent days.

Rarely have the wolves been seen outside the forest but now been ranging now to the marsh itself. They are acting differently, and their looks have changed as well. Alongside them I have seen spiders of immense size. We have also encountered spiders of enormous size in the depths of the Marsh.

Not only does King Alteon wish to study these creatures, but also the plants they are looking for. Be sure to gather as many as you can in order to fulfill his requests.

Do you think that you have what it takes to defeat these creatures? Will you accept the quests that we have for you? If so, I commend you on your bravery. If not, begone from the Marsh. It is too dangerous from the likes of you.

- Wez's Quests

Location: Chaos Marsh


Thanks to Dragonicoe and .Shadow//

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