Wess' Quests

Quest Location: Envy (Location) (2)
Quests Begun From: Wess

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Talk to the Villager' quest.
Note: This quest can be only completed once per login.

Those dragons have really wreaked havoc on our village! The red dragons have set everything on fire, and the ice dragons have froze it all up! Head on down into town, all th' way east. Put out any fires that ya find, and thaw out any critters that are still frozen.

Items Required:

  • Critters Thawed x6
    • Click on the frozen puppies on screens 7, 8, 9, and 10.
  • Fire Sprites Slain x6


  • 500 Gold
  • 150 Exp

You will receive one of the following items:

Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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