Werepyre Guard (NPC)

Hand of the Crescent Recruit
Aaaaah, just as foretold. Master Gravefang said you would arrive under the Fang of the Waxing Crescent Moon… and so you have. He knows all, may his dark gaze cover us! Will you enter the Shadow Crypt, and receive a blessing from his dark priest, the Midnight Fang? Do say yes… there isn't really any other acceptable answer.

Excellent! You are my first — my VERY FIRST — convert! Once you have passed your trial, and fallen to the blade of the Midnight Fang, I will RANK UP!! AWWWW YEEEEAH *cough* I mean, I will take my rightful place among my brethren and sistren and travel through Lore, spreading Master's dark word.

Ahem. Pardon my inexcusable display of humanity. The Claw Bearer, my squad leader, says I am as witless as a hungry pup, and must tell that to anyone who witnesses my shame. But I WILL improve, and I will stand in the shadow of Master Gravefang's wings as he brings peace and darkness to all of Lore.

Got It.
Right! I knew you'd understand. You look like a very reasonable hero to me, and one ready and willing to accept the dark word. Besides, what have lycans or vampires ever done for you? NOTHING, right? So, go on with you. Into the crypt. Go go go. The Midnight Fang is waiting! Oh. And… if you should defeat him in combat… Leave quickly. It's impolite to show up your recruiter, you know? Thanks!

Location: Shadowcrypt


Thanks to Frozen.

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