"Were" did we go wrong?


«Hero and LunarMancer on LunarMancer's house»

LunarMancer: And THOSE are the runes for "dead" and "moon"! Now we begin!
LunarMancer: Dum luna in hits oculus tuus
LunarMancer: Rei magno dulcis est confectio
LunarMancer: BUTIO!!!!!

«Scroll up to the moon, it glows»

«Screen changes to Gravefang and his minions»


«Back to Hero and LunarMancer»

Hero: So… about how long does this take?
Hero: I mean, I know the moon is pretty big and all, but I only have 2 days until I have to get back to Battleon.

LunarMancer: I - I - WHAT HAPPENED TO MY RITUAL?!?!!

Hero: Hey… do you hear that? Sounds like - screaming?

LunarMancer: Lumina Luminos Moonstone!

«A stone appears, zooms close to it, appears to be some sort of scrying stone. Seen inside the stone, appears to be werewolves in the beach»

LunarMancer: I think our ritual MIGHT have turned the townsfolk into werewolves.

Hero: How is that even possible?

LunarMancer: Yep, definitely werewolves!

«Gravefang appears in the scrying moonstone»

Hero: We've got to help them - Wait! I know that Were! GRAVEFANG!
Hero: Did you mix up the runes for dead, moon, and - I don't even know what?!

LunarMancer: How should I know? I'm a LunarMancer not a "LycanMancer!"
LunarMancer: That doesn't even EXIST!
LunarMancer: But you're right. We've got to go stop the lycans from interfering with the ritual.
LunarMancer: You go take out a couple waves of them, and I'll check my translations.

«Scene fades»

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