Well of Knowledge


«Scene: Past Aranx and the Hero in front of the Well of Knowledge»

Hero: Are you ready?

Aranx: As ready as I'll ever be.

«Aranx looks at the Well of Knowledge»

Aranx: I just need to drop these artifacts in, and…

«The Well of Knowledge starts glowing and white light fills the screen»

When Galanoth slayed the Eternal Dragon of Time, a burst of energy came forth from Lore.

«Scene with letterboxing: a glowing white orb surrounded by rings with eyes on them floats in space around Lore»

The energy formed into Anethyx'o, the Bright One.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: the Celestial Realm»

Anathyx'o created the Celestial realm, and two siblings to act as its guardians.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Silhouettes of Arthelyn and Azalith appear»

However, one of them turned to the darkness…

«Scene: The silhouette of Azalith is replaced with one of Aranx»

And another was created to take her place.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Past Aranx and the Hero in front of the Well of Knowledge»

Hero: Whoa! What did I just see?

Aranx: We just witnessed the creation of the Celestial Realm, my sisters… and myself.

«Arthelyn appears»

Arthelyn: So you now know who you are, brother?

«Scene: Arthelyn between past Aranx and the Hero»

Aranx: Yes. I am Aranx, Archangel of Mysteries, Third Born, and Celestial Guardian of this Realm.

Arthelyn: Yes. Now, take up your mantle and be reborn as a true Celestial!

«Arthelyn casts a spell and transforms Aranx into his current form»

Hero: That's the Aranx I know!
Hero: But… I didn't know you had TWO sisters.

Aranx: Neither did I. The other one… I've never seen her before.

Arthelyn: I will explain in due time. However, may I speak alone with <Hero>? I must be sending @him back to where <he/she> is from.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Arthelyn and the Hero»

Aranx: Of course. Thank you, <Hero>, for your help. I pray we meet again soon.

Arthelyn: Forgive me, <Hero>, but Aranx is not meant to know of this for many centuries.

Hero: Know of what?

Arthelyn: The Second Born, our sister, Azalith.

Hero: What happened to her?

Arthelyn: Anethyx'o, the Bright One, created us both with a purpose in mind.

«Scene: A silhouette of Arthelyn»

Arthelyn: I was to be Arthelyn, Archangel of Stoicism, First Born, and Celestial Ruler of this Realm.

«A silhouette of Azalith appears»

Arthelyn: And she was Azalith, Archangel of Fortitude, Second Born, and Celestial General of this Realm.

«The silhouette of Azalith and its background inverts color»

Arthelyn: However, her courage quickly turned to ambition.
Arthelyn: She wished to harness the power of the Bright One, the power of creation.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Azalith draining the power of the Anathyx'o»

Arthelyn: She stole Its power, and that power corrupted her completely. Celestials were not created to wield such forces.

«Scene fades»

With her newfound power, Azalith wished to create a race that would rival her Celestial siblings, the Infernals.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Azalith chained up»

Arthelyn: With Its remaining energy, Anethyx'o sealed Azalith and her Infernals away, before she could bring ruin to Lore.
Arthelyn: Now the Bright One rests, in order to return to this Realm, and leaves us as Its protectors.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Arthelyn and the Hero»

Arthelyn: Now that Aranx has sent you back to this point in time, Azalith has been freed from her prison in the Infernal Realm.

Hero: She must be the one Balax'el was talking about!

Arthelyn: You will not be able to defeat her permanently. But she can be weakened and sealed away again.
Arthelyn: Take this scroll to Aranx in your present. It contains the magic you need.

Hero: Can't you come with me?

Arthelyn: I'm sorry, but we are unable to travel to a time where we already exist.

«Arthelyn tilts her head down»

Arthelyn: Although… hmm. I see.

Hero: What?

Arthelyn: It appears I do not exist in your present…

Hero: But… that means you're…

«Arthelyn tilts her head up»

Arthelyn: Yes. In your future, I am dead.
Arthelyn: Very well. I shall accompany you.

«Scene fades»

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