Welcome To The Dragonlands


«Desoloth appears in front of a portal and starts flying towards Swordhaven.»
«Desoloth flies past Swordhaven.»
«Screen zooms in on Desoloth's face.»
«Screen fades out black.»

«Scene: Hs'Sakar and Hero at Fire Storm.»

???: Embrace of the Flame to you, <hero>. I have called, and you have come. Such is the way of the world. It sends us what we need.

«Screen zooms in on Hs'Sakar.»

???: I am Hs'Sakar, High Priest of the Prime Fire Dragon.

«Screen moves to Hero.»

Hero: I greet you, Hs'Sakar! The message I received spoke of the dragon Desoloth and his escape from the DragonPlane.

«Screen zooms out revealing Hs'Sakar and Hero talking at Fire Storm.»

Hs'Sakar: Indeed. You know, I assume, of Desoloth?

Hero: I -

«Hs'Sakar raises his hands towards Hero.»

Hs'Sakar: If you haven't, you should have. He is the greatest of the Great Dragons, embodying ALL of the elements.

«Hs'Sakar puts down his hands.»

Hero: I do know of him. I have been to the DragonPlane. It was I who X'dir misled. He and his Mast will not escape me again.

Hs'Sakar: His power is… incalculable. And yet, he lacks the wisdom of our Prime Dragons. Something for which we must be very, very thankful.

Hero: I think I -

«Hs'Sakar raises his hands towards Hero.»
«A flame appears momentarily behind Hero's head.»
«Hs'Sakar puts his hands down.»

Hs'Sakar: You think? Pah! You are young. What, 20, 30 human years? I have lived centuries. Let an old Dravix talk himself out.
Hs'Sakar: Time enough for you to say what you think. And for all of that, time grows very short.

«Screen zooms in on Hs'Sakar.»
«Hs'Sakar shakes his head.»

Hs'Sakar: Now. You are a Hero. I am a nearly-ancient Sage. You have a role to play in saving the world, and so do I. Let us not dilly-dally as we fulfill them.

«Screen moves to Hero.»

Hero: Agreed. The more information I have and the faster, the better I can help you.

«Hero rubs the back of his head and looks downwards.»

Hero: *cough* Pardon me for interrupting, Wise One.

«Screen zooms out revealing Hs'Sakar and Hero at Fire Storm.»
«Hs'Sakar raises his hands towards Hero.»

Hs'Sakar: Granted.
Hs'Sakar: I have had my First Acolyte create a scroll for you outlining all of the events leading up to this point. You will study it.
Hs'Sakar: Then the work will begin. It will be dangerous. You will be up to the challenge. You - and I - do not have a choice. LORE does not have an alternative.
Hs'Sakar: Given the anarchic behavior of the flames around us, you may suspect the position of Great Fire Dragon is… vacant.

«Screen moves near the bottom of the volcano at Fire Storm.»
«A fire tornado comes out of the ground and then disappears.»

Hs'Sakar: Fire married to Air spawns fiery tornados.

«Screen moves to lava tunnels with a lava-river flowing through it.»

Hs'Sakar: Rivers of burning lava-water flowing freely.

«Screen moves out to show a volcano.»

Hs'Sakar: Our volcano, long inactive - merely a symbol of our element - erupted to life.
Hs'Sakar: The very stones of the earth are burning.

«Screen moves back to Hs'Sakar with his arms raised.»

Hs'Sakar: Desoloth sends his power ahead of him, intent on suppressing us with the very elements we revere!

«Screen zooms out showing Hs'Sakar with his arms down and Hero with his hand up with a scroll with a fiery emblem on it at Fire Storm.»

Hs'Sakar: If we do not find and raise the four new Prime Dragons and stop Desoloth…

Hero: The chaos created by rebellious elements here in Etherstorm will be as nothing to what we see throughout the rest of Lore.

«Hs'Sakar shifts slightly and stares at Hero.»
«Hero puts his hand down.»

Hs'Sakar: *glare*

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: Sorry. I've got a habit of guessing correctly when it comes to things like this. Trick of the trade.
Hero: But you're right, Hs'Sakar, High Priest of the Prime Fire Dragon. You have the wisdom to guide me, and I the wit to know it.
Hero: But I also have the strength and will to see us through this. Desoloth WILL know defeat!

«Screen zooms in on Hs'Sakar crossing his arm.»

Hs'Sakar: The first step will be securing the Fire Realm so that the other sects of my Order can gather here safely to plan.
Hs'Sakar: Study the scroll quickly and learn well so that we may begin.

«Scene fades out.»

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