Welcome To Artist Alley!


«Scene: Artix and Hero at BattleCon.»

Artix: You cannot make a game without art!
Artix: Some of the most talented artists I have ever met are here, waiting to meet you.

«Screen moves showing J6, Ghost, and Dage the Evil.»

Artix: We found Dage the Evil, J6, Ghost, and many of our other artists when they began playing our games, just like you.

«Screen moves back to Artix and Hero.»

Artix: When we saw the art they created, we knew that working together…

«Artix raises his hand showing a thumbs up.»

Artix: We could make the most AMAZING adventures on the internet!

«Screen starts moving down Artist Alley showing Thyton, Memet, Solrac, and Diozz.»
«Screen fades out and back in showing all the artists from Artist Alley.»

If you have a passion for art like our artists do, draw as much as you can! Maybe someday you will have a booth here at BattleCon, too!

«Scene fades.»

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