«Scene: Hero and Artix at the Secret Underground Lab»

Artix: Welcome to the Secret Underground Lab… and your 4th birthday party, <Hero>!
Artix: It is also Artix Entertainment's 10th Anniversary and YOU are the V.I.P Guest of Honor!

«Curtains open and reveals Galanoth, Warlic, Daimyo, A woman in pactagonal armor, Alina, and Zhoom»

Artix: Once we saw you defeat ALL of the EbilCorp minions, we hurried back to the Lab and wrote a special song for the occasion.
Artix: Without you, our games would be owned by Chairman Platinum. He would be pulling the plug on AQWorlds right about…

«Screen moves to Cysero»

«Cysero holds up a plug»

Cysero: Now THIS is what we need to get the party started!

«Oishii jumps on Cysero's back with a fish»

Cysero: Sorry, guys, if I'm gonna make the cake, we need more electro-juice or the frosting won't float right.

«Screen moves to Alina»

Alina: You know, this would be a good time to give <hero> a tour of the Lab.
Alina: After all, he hasn't seen it yet, even though everything is still here because of him.

«Screen zooms out and shows some AE Staff»

Artix: You are right! <hero>, there is SO much to show you! I know we have told you stories over the past ten years -
Artix: But you need to see what you have inspired us to create!

«Screen moves to the Hero and Artix while walking»

«Hero stops walking and faces Artix»

Hero: Wait… Is there REALLY going to be cake?

<Screen moves to Warlic and Galanoth»

Warlic: And rewards. Epic loot! Right, Zhoom?

«Screen moves to Zhoom»

«Zhoom *nods* then plays the drums»

«Screen moves back to Warlic and Galanoth»

Galanoth: DragonSlayer's Honor, <hero>. This cake is NOT a lie.

«Screen moves to Daimyo»

Galanoth: Daimyo knows the way to the party room. Better get moving, he's your tour guide!

«Scene fades»

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