Web of Intrigue


«Scene: Hero stands in a dark space with a webbed floor»

Hero: H-how did I get here? And where's Riadne?

«Scene: ChaosWeaver Queen and Riadne appear»

Hero: !!!

Riadne: <Hero>, no! Wait! You need to listen to her.

Hero: What?! Who IS she? Where's the Spider Queen?
Hero: What IS this? I don't even - !!!

Riadne: LISTEN.

Weaver Queen: Well met, <Hero>. You fought bravely, and your confusion is understandable.
Weaver Queen: I knew I was right to seek your aid in this matter, but had no way of contacting you.
Weaver Queen: Not without calling unwanted attention down upon my family.
Weaver Queen: I am Karina, Dark Queen of the ChaosWeavers, and you…
Weaver Queen: You are the only hope I have of saving my children.

«Scene: Weaver Queen and ChaosWeavers»

We are not now as we have always been. For generations, all ChaosWeavers were humans.
But many years ago, a cataclysm rocked our world. When we woke up…some of us were spiderkin.

«Scene: Arachna vs Human ChaosWeavers»

Civil war came to Ravenloss. The Arachna against the humans, all wielding ChaosWeaver magic.
The Arachna won, of course. As you can imagine, they are deadly warriors, my spiderchildren.
I was spared. I am their Queen. They will not kill their mother.

«Scene: Chaos Gate and Eye»

Seeing their strength and skill, the Champion of Chaos approached us, wanted to USE us.
I will not see some twisted soul attempt to wield their strength and magic for his own corrupted ends.
We are a proud people not pawns! NO ONE shall wield my warriors as a weapon…except me!

«Scene: Hero, Riadne and Weaver Queen in Ravenloss»

Hero: You said you wanted to meet me without… raising suspicion?
Hero: So you began a WAR… killed your people AND MINE… just to talk with me?

Weaver Queen: Yes. I will do anything - risk ANYONE - to save as many of my kin as I can.
Weaver Queen: The war was a perfectly logical reason for you to make your way here.
Weaver Queen: You always face your enemies honorably.
Weaver Queen: And the Lord ChaosBringer would never say no to war. Not when it would disrupt YOUR plans.
Weaver Queen: I need you, <Hero>, and you will need as much help as you can when the Final Battle comes.
Weaver Queen: We spiderkin weave many webs, and often our prey do not even know we are waiting.

Riadne: <Hero>… my spider-sense is tingling. I think you should trust her.

Hero: I trust you, Riadne. And I am willing to let you prove your claim, Your Highness.
Hero: Are you… offering a truce. An alliance? YOU will help ME against your Master?

Weaver Queen: NOT my Master. NEVER my Master!
Weaver Queen: I will help you destroy the greatest threat to my children's safety there has ever been.
Weaver Queen: With Drakath gone, we will be safe. We may live, practice our magic, and flourish.

Hero: That is all you want?

Weaver Queen: That is all any mother, any Queen, wants for her family and people. Safety.

Hero: Then I welcome you to the Alliance, Queen Karina of the ChaosWeavers. You will be a great help.
Hero: Chaos grows stronger each day. Send us as much of Drakath's plans as you can.
Hero: And I have a feeling you'll get along VERY well with our Empress…

«Screen fades to black»

The ChaosWeaver Nation joins the Alliance against Chaos… and the drums of war begin to beat louder.

«Screen fades»

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