We Will Be Waiting


«Scene: fallen samurai from war with the Shogun of Shadows»

After I defeated the Shogun of Shadows and became Empress of Yokai…
…I vowed to prevent the Queen of Monsters and her allies from doing any further harm to Lore

«Scene: Drakath and Mount Doomskull»

Since the Champion of Chaos freed her, her minions and children have sreaked havoc on our world.

«Scene: throne room of the Queen of Monsters, with flashbacks of previous allies of the Queen.»

She has allied with maniacal villains, whose armies have attacked areas around our world.
She has summoned her children, beings from the Plane of Chaos, to infect and destroy our people, animals, and plants.
She has planted minions in councils and across cities and wilderness. Her chaotic plots and plans make her next moves impossible to predict.

«Scene fades to black»

The time has come to STOP trying to predict what she will do next. To stop defending. Reacting. We need to go on the ATTACK.

«Scene: Ai no Miko at Akiba»

I called together the leaders of every kingdom.

«Scene change to Lord Brentan and Princess Victoria in the Swordhaven castle throne room»


«Scene change to Gravelyn in the Shadowfall throne room»


«Scene change to Dwarfhold Keep»


«Scene change to Darkovia Forest»


«Scene goes back to Akiba»

Ai no Miko: Our forces have long acted in defense of our lands, waiting to see where these monsters will strike next.
Ai no Miko: But that is no longer enough! With every passing day, the Queen of Monsters and her followers grow stronger.
Ai no Miko: My home was almost destroyed, and we cannot let that happen again.

«close up of Miko's face»

Ai no Miko: The time has come for us to act! We must band together and take the fight to the Queen's doorstep.

«Scene change to the Queen of Monsters' castle»

But that proved more difficult than expected.
As far as we could see, her castle had no way in, and no way out.
But we kept watch on the lands nearby.

«Silhouette of a great army under the castle»

Eventually, I knew, something would emerge from it.

«Close up of the general in black and red armor»

And when it did, we would be waiting.

«Scene fades»

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