We've Got Company (2)


«Scene: Drakath, Xang, Teja and Hero standing in a shaking cave»

Xang: Did we get it?

Drakath: We got something! The island is breaking apart!

Hero: We've got to get out of here!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Captain Laguna appears from inside the tentacles»

Laguna: Stop them! Kill them!

«Scene: Teja, Drakath and Hero fleeing the Island»

Drakath: I can see the ship! We're almost there!

«Scene: Xang stuck inside water»

Xang: Help! Something's got my leg!

«Scene: Hero pulling Xang out of the water»

Hero: Go! I'll get her loose!

«Scene: Captain Laguna powering up»

Laguna: You will not escape me!

«Scene: Teja and Drakath on the ship»

Teja: Hurry! We have to go!

«Scene: Ship sails away from the Island and the Island sunks into the ocean»
«Scene: Teja, Drakath, Hero and Xang on the ship»

Hero: Ohhh, wow, that was close.

Drakath: How fortunate that you know a good pirate captain.

«Scene: Close up on Teja looking at the sea with a Binocluar»

Teja: We may have spoken too soon.

<Scene: Hero and Teja looking at a ship raising from the ocean»

Teja: We've got company.

«Scene fades»

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