We're So BONED


«Scene: Two knights in Swordhaven Castle»

Sir Kull: Did you see it?

Sir Round: See What?

Sir Kull: THAT…

«Scene: Scene moves to outside of the castle's window and shows Sepulchure's Flying Castle»

Sir Round: OH… MY… GO

«Scene: A thunderstorm hits the sky before Sir Round can complete his phrase»

Sir Round: I heard stories but I never dreamed it could be true!

Sir Kull: It's Sepulchure's flying castle… on the back of the largest dragon that ever existed!

«Scene: Sir Round starts worring»

Sir Round: We are so boned!!

Sir Kull: Bad choice of words friend…

Sir Round: This is a grave situation…

Sir Kull: Ugh….

«Scene: The undead army breaks the Swordhaven Castle's defense and a wood hits Sir Round»

«Scene: Sir Round falls on ground»

«Scene: The Undead Army appears»

«Scene fades»

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