We're Losing It


«Scene: Extriki standing in a dead forest»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and many allies»

Brentan: There it is!

Hero: Oh wow, that's huge.

Warlic: Think we're close enough for you to hit it?

Hero: Only one way to find out.
Hero: Here we go.

«Hero fires a crossbow at Extriki. It misses, and Extriki attacks with green bile, but Warlic casts a shield to block the attack»

Warlic: Sora! Neveya! Now!

«Sora to Hoshi and Neveya entrap Extriki in magic nets. The Hero, Brentan, and some other knights attempt to fire arrows at Extriki»

Warlic: Oh, you have GOT to aim better than that!

Hero: These things are harder to use than I thought!

«Extriki starts breaking free from the nets»

Sora: Warlic! It's breaking free!

Warlic: I've got it!

«Warlic releases the shield casts another spell. The Hero and Brentan fire arrows at Extriki. Extriki attacks with green bile, hitting Warlic's shield again, and breaks free of the nets»

Hero: It's getting away!

Neveya: We can't hold it alone!

Warlic: I can't drop the barrier again! The poison will kill us!

«Extriki moves away»

Hero: We're losing it!

Brentan: Look! To the west!

«Shadowfall flies in and opens its mouth to prepare an attack»

«Scene fades»

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