We're Friends Now


«Scene: Hero in Crownsreach with Drakath on his throne»

Drakath: Well, well. <Hero>, coming to visit me. How unexpected.

Hero: Is it? I figured since we’re ostensibly on the same side now, I should check in. See how you’re doing.
Hero: But I can go if it’s gonna make things weird.

Drakath: No, no! Stay. Your timing is… fortuitous.

Hero: Is it? …Did you need help with something?

«Close up of Drakath»

Drakath: <Hero>, you remember Xiang? Xing and Xang? My right- and left-hand girls?

Hero: How could I forget?

Drakath: Well. At long last… after all this time… they’ve resurfaced.

«Close up of the Hero»

Hero: Wait, hold on. They’ve been missing? They never came back?

«Scene: Hero and Drakath»

Drakath: Horrible, isn’t it? I’ve been completely on my own all this time.
Drakath: …until last night.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Xiang appears in a portal in a forest»

Xiang contacted me through a portal that had long been inert. I hadn't been expecting it. I had assumed they… she… was dead. Gone. Something.
She told me she'd been trapped in the Plane of Monsters when the Queen came through.
From all I had been told by my… by the Queen all the Chaos Lords had to die in order to free her.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero and Drakath. Drakath unfurls his wings»

Drakath: And she almost did. But Xiang isn't like other Chaos Lords.

Hero: No… she's not, is she? She's not JUST ONE Chaos Lord. She's two people in one body. Two halves of a whole.

Drakath: Yes. So my Loremasters surmise, as well. It's the only logical reason.

«Close up of the Hero»

Hero: Not that anything you did ever involved logic. But anywaaaaay…

«Scene: Hero and Drakath»

Drakath: No. But now… with Xiang on the other side to help open a doorway…

Hero: I see where this is going.

«Close up of Drakath»

Drakath: Hey! No. It’s like you said - we’re friends now, right? That taking over the world business is in the past.
Drakath: I just want to go in and get my girls Friday.

«Close up of the Hero»

Hero: You’d better not be manipulating me into-

«Scene: Hero and Drakath, who is off his throne and standing in front of the hero now»

Drakath: Come on! I’m not. What do I have to do to get you to trust me?

Hero: Fine. I’m sorry. You’re right.
Hero: Let’s go do this.

Drakath: Excellent. I promise, <Hero>, you won’t regret this.

«Scene fades»

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