We Meet Again/Meeting Escherion Again


«Scene fades in with the Hero in Escherion's room again»

Hero: ESCHERION… we finally meet! Again.

Escherion: You again?! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY TOWER!

Hero: What? It was upside down to start. I got it halfway turned around.
Hero: You should be thanking me.

Escherion: No matter. With the power of the Chaos Staff of Inversion I will have this mess cleaned up soon enough.

Hero: You're not cleaning ANYTHING until I'm done with you!
Hero: I'm taking you down, Chaos Lord.

Escherion: *looks around* You ALREADY took me down. My tower is lying in a lake.

Hero: You..you know what I mean. I'm stopping you today!

Escherion: You and what army?

Otto: THIS army!

«Otto and his family appear by jumping through Escherion's Portal»

Escherion: *sigh* Did you have to bring the riff-raff with you?

Hero: What are you guys doing here? This is dangerous!

Otto: Mobius is our HOME and now that we can enter the tower, we came to help you get rid of Escherion!

Escherion: Did you? How brave of you.
Escherion: But once I invert you I think you will see things differently!

«Escherion hits the family with a ray from the Chaotic Staff of Inversion»

Inverted Villagers: As… AS We saID. We CamEd HeRe tO heLpS EsCHEriOn GeTs rId Of yoU!!!

Escherion: HAHAHAHA! Face it hero, you are no match for my Chaotic Staff of Inversion…

Hero: You sure think a lot about that staff…

Escherion: …What?

Hero: Well it seems that staff is the only thing you have going for you. Without it you'd just be another second rate mage.

Escherion: The Staff is a very powerful. Given to me by Drakath himself! But I don't need it to swat a fly like you.

Staff of Inversion: !?!?!

Escherion: But be warned… The staff is loyal to me.
Escherion: It may decide to protect me of it's own free will! HAHAHAHA!
Escherion: Come, hero. Let us see what you are made of!

«Scene fades»

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