We Made It


«Scene: the Hero, Warlic, and Cysero inside of the drill»

«The screen shakes»

Hero: What was that?

Cysero: Did you see a cat?

Hero: No.

Cysero: Then you didn't run over a cat.

Warlic: We must have reached the core.

Hero: Let's get out and take a look.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Cysero, the Hero, and Warlic standing in a cavern full of crystals outside of the drill»

Warlic: Remarkable. These caves are made of crystallized mana.
Warlic: They must have formed around the mana core of the planet.

Hero: So if we follow the caves we can still reach the core?

Warlic: I believe so.

Cysero: Either way the Jusgedonwifit's motivator has burnt out on this sparkly stuff.
Cysero: I can fix'er but I might need to order some parts. I've got a catalog.

Warlic: You'll have to improvise with materials that <Hero> can find down here.

Cysero: OK but it might void the warranty.

«Warlic turns to the Hero»

Warlic: Do you think you can find materials for Cysero while you make your way to the core?

Hero: No problem. Just tell me what to look for!

«Sceen zooms up and fades»

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